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Packing details

  1. Before sending your speedometer to us for repair, please contact us either by email or telephone 01594 861095, so that we can advise you on lead time. Please do leave a message on the answer phone, we normally answer the phone but if attempting a tricky piece of work, some times we have to use the answer phone.
  2. Please make sure that you package you speedometer well. Plenty of bubble wrap and then pop the whole lot in a stout cardboard box. To save you cost we will usually re use your box and packaging.
  3. Please make sure that on the outside of the speedo itself you write your name and if possible a contact number. Indelible felt tip pen is best.
  4. Please send the well packaged speedo to:

    Dr Mike Flannery
    Dene View Farm
    High Street
    The Pludds
    GL17 9TU